• Jul 2015

    A 14 page illustrated book featuring achievements and struggles of black women throughout the history.

    Visit my online store to grab a copy.

    black women

    Black women in history - Buy book

  • Aug 2015

    Stew is a magazine for curious kids who have a keen interest in topics like science, nature or history.

    I made an illustration for article about Edward Henry for the 2015 Oct issue of the magazine.

    Stew magazine

    Stew for curious kids - Visit website

  • Oct 2015

    Illustration for the Eazyas Book as part of the Drawn Chorus Collective group, which I am a member of.

    Visit the Drawn Chorus Collective website to grab a copy of the book

    ABC Drawn Chorus Collective

    Drawn Chorus Collective ABC - Buy book

Charlot is a Dublin based illustrator, designer and book author. As a mixed race artist she often depicts minorities and underrepresented characters in challenging socio-political context. Some of her most renowned clients include AARP, Penguin Random House, New York Times and the New Yorker. In 2020 Charlot will release her first big graphic novel “What we don’t talk about” which is to be published by Avery Hill Publishing.